Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beyond the Shadow

Beyond the shadow of human glory
Where light reveals our human form
There diffused by love's bright shower
Grace and truth hath flesh adorned

Cast in timeless hues of wonder
Wrought in mercy's fiery forge
Light from darkness split asunder
Redeemed to God forevermore

Worthy not of fame or fortune
Deserving not of His great love
Yet released from cruelest torture
Earthbound sons are born above

Neither act nor heart commend us
Infirmed by pride and arrogance
Only faith in God, resplendent
Grants us our deliverance

There, on knees before His gaze
Bent in prayer and humble quest
God extends His hand in mercy
As unto His honored guests

Oh, the day that song breaks forth
When shadow's edge is finally frayed
Then we'll stand in His bright glory
Never to be cast away

What awesome strains of praise we'll sing
What visions beyond measure
When we look upon our Savior
Finally counted as His treasure

There, in grace, in one accord
One heart, one song we'll sing
Bowed before majestic splendor
Heaven's halls with shouts will ring

Every tongue and tribe and nation
In robes of white before the Lamb
Crying out with loud acclaim
Palm branches waving in our hands

"Salvation" from our lips resounds
To God who sits upon His throne
As all the angels stand around
To hear our hearts His praise intone

Blessing, glory, wisdom, honor
Thanksgiving, power, might
Amen! The Lamb shall hear our praise
Forever God's delight.

Michael Hennen

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  1. "What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see". That's beautiful! This reminds me of the good hymns of old. Thank you :-)