Friday, February 19, 2010

God's Will - My Desire

My wife recently asked a question that went something like this, "Is it possible that God would write His will into certain redemptive desires that just won't go away?" I would say that not only is it possible, it's probable!

God's will for a man is written into every fiber of his being -- how he is built, how he thinks, how he feels. That is not to say that a man is limited to certain work because of the way he is built, only that he is more suited to some work than to others. And that is not to say that everything a man thinks is from God, only that the way he thinks about things is primarily rooted in the life God breathed into him. And that is not to say that everything a man feels is from God, only that the way he feels indicates the will of God for a man's life -- the direction in which God has oriented his soul.

The battle of every man is to discern his purpose -- that endeavor for which his life was formed and which, ultimately, will be the most satisfying to him. In that search, there are many sounds vying for our attention -- sounds that urge us to prop up the vision of other men or sounds that tempt us to ignore the captive song of God that so longs to break forth from our heart and life. But until we sing the song that our instrument was made to declare, there will remain in our lives an emptiness that cannot be quenched by external comforts or ulterior pursuits.

Sound is vibration and all vibration is sound. In this respect, every action of mankind is enjoined either in harmony or in discord with the God-ordained purpose of a man's life. Where our actions are in harmony with this purpose, this resonance is our worship of God, the Creator who breathed life into our souls. Where our actions are discordant, this is sin -- rebellion against the redemptive purposes of God for our lives.

The goal of every man, woman, and child ought to be to intone the song in their heart that best worships God. That song is unique to the instrument for which the instrument was made. No one else can intone this song exactly as God intended it. Others can echo it and mimic it, but its melody belongs exclusively to one man or woman whose unique glory the song expresses -- a glory that reflects the glory of God like no other instrument can.

Is it possible that God would write His will into the desires of our lives? Yes! But we must also understand that what God wants most from mankind is a symphony, not a solo. Every man is formed to participate in a holy symphony that reflects the love and truth and life and character of God. We can never enjoin this symphony by quenching the sounds of other instruments. But neither can we enjoin this symphony by denying to sound the song that is uniquely ours, the song that is in our hearts.

The symphony of God on earth is intoned through vessels that are willing to worship Him together in spirit and in truth. The spirit and truth, in harmony with God's will, are always redemptive. It is only in making ample room for these redemptive desires in our personal lives and in concert with our community that we may enjoy the fullest measure of God's pleasure in the purpose for which we were created. In this, God's will is my desire.

Michael Hennen