Saturday, August 29, 2009

Medicinal Herb Course

I just received my copy of the Medicinal Herb Course offered by Cheri Shelnutt of Sweet Hollow Farm in Tennessee. It is full of information on growing and using herbs. I am pleased by the clarity of the presentation and the simplicity of the instructions. This is a valuable tool, and I recommend it to anyone interested in herbal remedies. There is so much to learn about God's creation, and the uses of various herbs is just one of the many delights He has waiting for us if we take the time to learn. If you want to try this course, contact Cheri at

Since I live in Cyprus, I am adapting what I am learning in this course to our present location. Many of the basic culinary herbs are found growing naturally here in the Mediterranean area. It is easy to grow them here in their own habitat. We are also graced with many varieties of fruit and vegetables. The main challenge is the lack of year round water, so irrigation is a must. The medicinal herbs that Cheri teaches about can be grown here too. Some of the local medicinal herbs include ironwort (sideritis), hyssop, lavender, fennel, chamomile and dandelion. Of course the regular culinary herbs like basil, rosemary, chives, oregano and thyme are easy to grow here as well, and many of them have medicinal uses as well. When we think of all the side effects of many synthetic drugs, perhaps the gentle art of herbal medicine deserves to be revisited.

The climate and weather of Cyprus is similar to that of Israel, so many of the herbs mentioned in Scripture grow here as well as there. Hyssop, mallow, chicory, myrrh, wormwood, mint, dill, cumin, mustard, rue and coriander are other herbs well known in Cyprus and that grow well here.

Herbs are a fascinating branch of botany. It makes an interesting science study for home school, and the practical uses of herbs make them important in any home garden.

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